Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wright Exercise Equipment

A lot of things have been going on this last week. I built a lifting platform that works beautifully, bought 160lbs. of bumper plates from Wright Exercise in Birmingham, Alabama for $160 (military discount), and reached one of my goals of deadlifting 405lbs. Actually I lifted it 3 times surprisingly. These were 3 singles, my goal now is to lift it 1 set 5 reps. I'm in the process of creating other goals since the original ones are starting to be reached. I had a hip flexor issue with my squat so I had to evaluate how I was doing this, fix it, and then build it back up. Through the power of video taping I found my flaw which was at the bottom of the squat. I relaxed my hamstrings which caused my knees to come forward and put a lot of tension on my hip flexors. With that found out and some good stretching thrown in, I am back up to 275lbs. My goal is 315lbs. I am confident that I will achieve that shortly. For right now my body weight has gone down to 194lbs. I must have weighed myself on a really full stomach when I hit 200lbs. Nevertheless, my lifts are still increasing and I feel good. Last week I started benching again. I am really glad that I did. I hit the pavement running working with 200lbs. for my sets. I have never been very good at bench and have never worked with this much weight. This makes me very excited for the future of that lift. Right now my goal is just 225lbs. for sets.

Back to Wright Exercise. Really sweet facility. I'm pretty sure if someone was watching me I would have had a smile from ear to ear on my face. Little did I know that they sell A LOT of used equipment, warehouses full of it. The owner of the company was present the day that I was there. Not sure if he is there on a daily basis or not but him included there were only 3 employees working. I had to call there phone from inside the store for someone to help. This did not bother me and the person helping out was very helpful. The plates that I picked up would have been $193 but he worked with me and my Veteran status and let me have them for $160+tax. This brings the price of the bumpers to a dollar a pound with steel inserts. A VERY good deal. Even if you are not military and are looking for a good bumper plate Wright has outstanding prices if you can make it down to there warehouse and pick up the product. As with anything that weights a lot, shipping will eat up your entire budget if you can't.

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